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About The Event

Slovenian Basketball Coaches Association is organizing Basketball Coaches Clinic every year. We always try to organize top level events with top level lecturers. We have the know-how, to give you knowledge on reasonable price and make you feel good.


Nova Gorica, SC HIT


Saturday and Sunday
8-9 June 2019


5 top level coaches

Speaker 1

Rob Fodor

Miami Heat shooting coach

Speaker 2

Neven Spahija

Coach of many TOP level clubs, also worked in NBA

Speaker 6

Aleksandar Džikić

Coach of many TOP level clubs, also worked in NBA

Speaker 3

Slobodan Pixi Subotić

Slovenian coach of Lebanese National Team

Speaker 4

Pedro Martínez

Gran Canaria coach

Clinic Schedule

Here is our event schedule

All lectures are going to be held in Sports hall HIT near Nova Gorica.
*schedule and lectures order can be changed.


Registration on entrance to Sports Hall. You will receive your Clinics ID CARD and gifts. Welcome coffe.

Rob Fodor

Lecture 1 Rob Fodor

A look at new shooting fundamentals, how they're and why the old ways fail.

Neven Spahija

Lecture 2 Neven Spahija

Defending the pick and roll on the ball and on the weak side in specific situations.

Lunch break

Lunch at location of lectures. Catering from hotel.

Pixi Subotić

Lecture 3. Slobodan Pixi Subotić

Special game situations inbounding the ball from the baseline and the sideline.

Aleksandar Džikić

Lecture 4 Aleksandar Džikić

Different systems of player movement after low post pass (how to plan spacing after pass on low post with different type of players) ...Low post game - offensive options, readings and reactions on different defensive strategies

Pedro Martínez

Lecture 5 Pedro Martínez

Offensive adaptation to different types of defense on screens (on and off the ball)

Aleksandar Džikić

Lecture 6 Aleksandar Džikić

Basketball shooting drills that simulates team’s offensive system

Neven Spahija

Lecture 7 Neven Spahija

Attacking early - building primary and secondary transition offense and rules for attacking if defense disrupt offensive set during early stage.

Rob Fodor

Lecture 8 Rob Fodor

Balance. The biggest trend in the nba and why it matters for shooting and movement.

Coffe break

Bar at the location.

Pedro Martínez

Lecture 9 Pedro Martínez

Attacking close out, how to use simple sets to make advantage in offense.

Slobodan Pixi Subotić

Lecture 10 Slobodan Pixi Subotić

Offense against zone 2:3

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